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Oil Change Frequency

Most owner's manuals for newer vehicles will tell you it's acceptable to go 5,000 miles between oil changes under normal conditions, but what exactly is

Oil change

How you drive those miles and what kind of environmental conditions are the key factors to modifying the recommended mileage for an oil change. The main factors of driving style is how much you rev up your engine between starting and stopping. If you drive like you think you are Speed Racer...then you will need to change your oil more often then a more relaxed driver.

In the Wilmington area the weather doesn't have too many extreme highs and lows so there isn't much need for change unless you drive on dirt surfaces where dust will cause issues. The best part of using a regular mechanic is that they can figure this out for you! Ask your mechanic how to check the condition of your oil when you get it changed and they can tell you if you need to change it more frequently and remove the guess work.

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